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Entrepreneurs – What do they have, and what do you need?

Have you ever been interested in what makes some people entrepreneurs and others not? Paul Foley is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been on track to create disruptive technology from early stages. His focus has been primarily on Business to Business type software that carries high magnitude results for businesses. Paul’s approach to entrepreneurship has always been simple… He looks for a need and then develops a product or service around that need. While many entrepreneurs pivot over and over, Paul’s strategy of staying consistent with what he’s working on has led him to build and deploy many businesses. Paul like’s to read about entrepreneurs and businesses to help his own knowledge grow. When he’s not reading he is experimenting with different formats of business growth that can help him excel in his chosen field. Paul Foley is an entrepreneur from Boulder CO that will continue to thrive as the scene of technology changes.

Traveling light makes for a better experience

What’s the worst part of traveling? For me it’s lugging around all those heavy suitcases in the middle of a crowded airport. Just recently my girlfriend and I took a Maui Vacation to get away from the chaos that our everyday life ensues.

I packed light, she packed heavy. What I thought was a smart move by me led me to dragging her bags around the crowded Denver airport. She had simply suggested that she check a bag and have a carry on, that way if any thing happen to her luggage she’d at least have a few outfits.

Here’s the thing – most people forget that when you are going on vacation you really don’t need to bring your entire closet. In fact, a fun idea that is sure to create and even better vacation…buy clothes there! Seriously, you are on vacation. Budget out enough to go out and buy a few new outfits. It will make the shopping a lot more fun and just double down on the overall experience you are having during your vacation.

When we got to Hawaii, we had already booked a nice Condo by It was in the perfect shopping district that seemed to conveniently carry all of my girlfriends favorite brands within walking distance. Guess what happened next? You guessed it… A shopping extravaganza! All those outfits stuffed into the two suitcases that I had been deemed as the donkey to drag around, well they simple just remained tucked away in their suitcase pockets.

My girl friend ended up dropping enough on new outfits that she consequently had to buy a new suitcase! And that left us with a total of three suitcases (plus her small half purse / half duffel bag), that I was hauling through the Hawaii airport and then again in Denver.

Lesson learned – Pack lightly and you’ll enjoy your trip even more.

How to make this the Best Christmas Ever

Christmas Time is here, time for joy and time for cheer! Isn’t that how the song goes?! Well if you are like me and 3 ticks away from a Whoville mascot, you are already counting down the days until you can hang Christmas lights, dress up the tree, wrap the gifts, and sip eggnog like its your job!
And while you are probably more prepared than most for the holidays, it is important to plan ahead so you can absolutely enjoy every moment of what comes to you this year. The first thing you want to do is get most of your shopping out of the way. While Black Friday is cliche, it is in fact a super opportunity to score on amazing deals. Believe it or not the deals are actually pretty darn good. And if you want to find the best deals, we recommend strategically planning your gifts and your stops all for one day, that crazy Friday!
With gifts out of the way what do you have left? Festivities of course! If you are hosting your own Christmas party, be sure to organize ahead of time when it is and who all is coming. So many holiday parties happen that you’ll want to send invitations out early to ensure you have the best showing.
Try to find something fun to theme your party around. Yes the ugly sweater angle is fun, but is it original? Not really… Instead think about other ideas! How about have each guest dress as their favorite Christmas Jingle? What about making each guest bring a Christmas gift from a song? You could even have each guest theme themselves as a holiday dish! The possibilities are endless. The point is the more creative you are the better off you will be with having an amazing time.
So enjoy your Christmas this year, and be sure to really get in the season. It only comes around once a year!

Life as a Journey

Have you truly lived? Eric has, and to check out his journey head to

Eric has made it his life passion to advance and contribute in a greater form. One of the important things he teaches in his talks is the ability to access endurance and understand that life is a journey not a one time sprint. In order to capitalize on your true strengths and gifts, you’ve got to realize how to show up consistently day after day. Working on things day in and day out creates a small change each and every day. As you create these small changes you’ll see them compound on top of each other. A one percent increase over a year turns into a thirty seven times increase. That’s a thirty seven times increase over the span of just one year! That is huge, and something that is easy to do.

Take action and start. Sometimes we get so caught up in the plan and road map that we forget to actually put one foot in front of the next and actually begin. When you are moving, when you are actually taking action, you can change your trajectory. However, if you are still on the sidelines, still planning your move when you enter the game – you’re actually not going to be able to change anything.


Daily improvement compounded

How to start. As Eric would probably recommend, write down a list of the things you want in life. Go crazy! Leave no rock unturned and no dream to unreasonable. Once you have a list, begin going through it and attaching a strong “why” to each item. Allow yourself to bask in the emotional connection each Why carries.

Once you have these things in place, take a small step TODAY towards that dream. An example might be to be a world class German Shepherd trainer. One small step might be simply looking up a book on training german shepherds. The key is to make that small step doable and something that will give you momentum.

Boosting your Brain with Physical Exercise

Years ago, individuals considered that forgetting many things was a fact of life for individuals who are old. In fact, to date people still consider the forgetful nature of old people as a natural fate. Recently, researchers found out that it’s never too late to begin the process of boosting your brainpower. All you need to do is develop healthy eating habits, beverage nutritional supplements and exercise your body and brain, if you would love to keep a sharp mind and a keen recollection of memories then start today with
some exercises.

Physical Exercise is, in addition, great for The Brain. The research showed that ladies between 80 and 71 who clocked 90 minutes a week for walking did a lot better than those who had sedentary lifestyle on cognitive evaluations. Specialists aren’t that certain of how much physical exercise and task’s people who are old need to do so that they can have a boost in their brains to perform better. It’s important to notice, nonetheless, that routine exercise helps in keeping a healthy blood circulation throughout the body. These actions may also help in preserving and creating nerve connections that are new.

Glucose is very paramount for the appropriate function of the mind, so a small decrease in the amount of glucose can have a huge impact on brain functions of an old woman. A research conducted by the Center for Brain Health of the New York University revealed
that individuals that have debatable glucose tolerance didn’t only perform poorly in memory evaluations, but revealed indications compared to those who had control or normal glucose tolerance. Exercise does not necessarily have to be confined in a health club or boring gyms. Old people can find physical activities that they enjoy, for example wandering in the park with co¬≠workers, wading in the pool for several hours, and playing badminton or bowling. Head Aerobics Is Crucial If you fail to utilize your brain for a long time, a huge chance is you will lose it. Now, you can find a number of ways where you are able to enhance your memory and brain functions. One is by signing up for a brain booster course. There are a number of associations in the US which might be offering courses created specifically for old people that would like to keep their cognitive functions. Registering in school, reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing board games, or learning a brand new language are a few manners wherein it is possible to help foster your mental functions.

It is never too early or late to begin doing mental exercises. Physical and Mental exercise training on LongBoat Key Specialists consider that doing mental aerobics can help delay or prevent other types of dementia or the progression. Yet, mental exercises can significantly retard the growth of such state for months, weeks and possibly even years. Regardless of mental and physical exercise, you also must pay attention from what you eat and drink. Attempt raising your consumption of fruits and vegetables because they include minerals and vitamins which are significant in helping boost brain health. You might also should take nutritional supplements that
help preserve the health of arteries and your nerves so a healthy the flow of blood to your own brain is ensured.


Trucks & Cars and what we can learn

Have you ever been to a car dealership? I’m talking a really solid, well serviced car dealership? I’m a huge fan of mudding (if you don’t know what that is take a look here:, and have been searching for awesome trucks for sale.

Now I’m not often one for pursuing a passion project this much, but ever since I went mudding with my friend from Arizona I’ve totally been craving a good ole’ lifted mudder that I can take out on trails. The horsepower, the noise, the grut! It all just creates this wonderful feeling of being one with machine and man.

The problem was I really couldn’t find any good sources of these trucks in my area. Instead of scouring the private listings on Craigslist over and over, I turned to a pretty cool dealership called Thompson Auto. They were helpful and informative. I didn’t end up buying (yet that is!) from them just because they didn’t have something that met my specifications. But the cool thing was the follow up the actual owner took to deliver an amazing experience.

What can we learn about this? Well I was so amazed that it led me to tell 3 friends directly and blog about it here! So I’ve kept it front and center as a valuable example of how even when a customer doesn’t buy, you should service them as if they spent a million! Doing so made me sure I would check with them first before buying and refer them to a ton of my personal friends.