Referencing a life time of values

Life as a Journey

Have you truly lived? Eric has, and to check out his journey head to

Eric has made it his life passion to advance and contribute in a greater form. One of the important things he teaches in his talks is the ability to access endurance and understand that life is a journey not a one time sprint. In order to capitalize on your true strengths and gifts, you’ve got to realize how to show up consistently day after day. Working on things day in and day out creates a small change each and every day. As you create these small changes you’ll see them compound on top of each other. A one percent increase over a year turns into a thirty seven times increase. That’s a thirty seven times increase over the span of just one year! That is huge, and something that is easy to do.

Take action and start. Sometimes we get so caught up in the plan and road map that we forget to actually put one foot in front of the next and actually begin. When you are moving, when you are actually taking action, you can change your trajectory. However, if you are still on the sidelines, still planning your move when you enter the game – you’re actually not going to be able to change anything.


Daily improvement compounded

How to start. As Eric would probably recommend, write down a list of the things you want in life. Go crazy! Leave no rock unturned and no dream to unreasonable. Once you have a list, begin going through it and attaching a strong “why” to each item. Allow yourself to bask in the emotional connection each Why carries.

Once you have these things in place, take a small step TODAY towards that dream. An example might be to be a world class German Shepherd trainer. One small step might be simply looking up a book on training german shepherds. The key is to make that small step doable and something that will give you momentum.

Let us know your results and be sure to keep at it!

Starting a business from nothing

Have you ever dreamed about starting some sort of business? MJ Demarco author of The Millionaire Fastlane, use to be a Limo Driver. His life started in a trajectory not like what he wanted. He simply was just driving these limo rentals making someone else’s dream come to fruitation.

It wasn’t until a rainy late night and border line exhaustion that MJ realized that working for someone else was never going to get him to his ultimate dream!

Wow what a relization. And how lucky was he to come by it while he was still in a position to do something about it.

You see, once MJ realized that he needed to create his dream versus creating someone else’s he gave himself the power to really stretch and move forth his own pathway to success. MJ started reading, and learning, and asking questions. Before long he had his own web company that sold Limo leads versus just him, himself driving around town picking up passengers.

Eventually MJ was able to quit driving on a day to day basis. He invested even deeper in understanding business and really learning how to live a life worth living. He broke free from a system that imprisoned him, with only promises of scraping by and paying bills, to a life of luxury. While reading MJ’s book the Millionaire Fastlane, I often remember talking about the beauty of financial freedom. It’s not that it buys anything you want, it’s that it allows you to do anything you’ve dreamed about. He told the story about how he went to Vegas for month to try to learn how to count cards and win big in black jack. And because he created his business to run without him, he was able to do that, and return home with more money in his bank account!


You can be the one renting limos and party buses or you can drive them!

This may seem far off for some of us, but its really not. Take a look at our previous post about only improving yourself by a small one percent every day. In no time you can become 37 times the person you currently are.

See you on the other side.

Trucks & Cars and what we can learn

Have you ever been to a car dealership? I’m talking a really solid, well serviced car dealership? I’m a huge fan of mudding (if you don’t know what that is take a look here:, and have been searching for awesome trucks for sale in my 81003 area code.

Now I’m not often one for pursuing a passion project this much, but ever since I went mudding with my friend from Arizona I’ve totally been craving a good ole’ lifted mudder that I can take out on trails. The horsepower, the noise, the grut! It all just creates this wonderful feeling of being one with machine and man.

The problem was I really couldn’t find any good sources of these trucks in my area. Instead of scouring the private listings on Craigslist over and over, I turned to a pretty cool dealership called Thompson Auto. They were helpful and informative. I didn’t end up buying (yet that is!) from them just because they didn’t have something that met my specifications. But the cool thing was the follow up the actual owner took to deliver an amazing experience.

What can we learn about this? Well I was so amazed that it led me to tell 3 friends directly and blog about it here! So I’ve kept it front and center as a valuable example of how even when a customer doesn’t buy, you should service them as if they spent a million! Doing so made me sure I would check with them first before buying and refer them to a ton of my personal friends.